Alex Mausolf is a Camerapixo certified & registered Photo & Video Journalist. He holds an active Press Card, valid till July of 2020 & works with photographic, video & aerial captures, editing & production to the highest of standards for print & digital media delivery.

Why I do what I do (as a documenter)

Documenting for me covers the capture & delivery of a broad range of motifs, from social activist causes, public & community groups through to capturing old places & things before they perish or as they undergo transformation.



I have my own full public liability coverage & a white ticket, which covers full knowledge of safely working on building sites, so documenting places in a state of closure, abandon, ruin or undergoing change is easy & undertaken with the utmost respect for both the place ,its owners & those working there.

Living in a world of rapid change that has a voracious & insatiable appetite for new, shiny things,  the type of change happening currently has never been seen before in the history of humankind & to me that is a bit scary. Things, places, even people are tossed asunder in the name of fashion, favour & popularity.

Lots of places & things in South Australia are being ripped out, knocked down, or built over in the name of progress, just because it can be done & not really for any betterment, but probably, most sadly, just to turn a quick buck. Capturing the essence of these places before they disappear or transform is something I enjoy the challenge of doing well, so this can be shared with others & that they may gain an insight into the nature & feel of the places being documented by me.


Actions & Events

The capture of actions & events, from community groups, government & health organisations, sports groups, right on through to social activist movements have been an important aspect of my work for many years now. Doing this in a way that captures & presents the feeling of being there for the viewer is integral to my approach with this work.
Honesty, insight & compassion for those being captured is always at the forefront of my mind. This is not an exercise in out-there artistic expression, this is an honest exploration of experience, intensity, joy, sorrow, frustration, anger & the many other emotions shared by those taking part at the events & actions I capture.
Working seamlessly with organisers to capture peak moments & important aspects of these events & actions involves planning from the ground up in conjunction with the organisers. Working with their needs is undertaken with sincerity & authenticity of process, so as to achieve high standard imagery with minimal intrusion to the actions or events as they proceed.