I am Alex Mausolf, an award nominated & passionate photographer from Adelaide, South Australia, specialising in creating images using long exposure techniques with high contrast black & white finishes or as I have been exploring of late, with more subdued & gentle colours.

You will find a broad diversity of my creative photographic works displayed on this site. I explore long exposure photography of landscapes, cityscapes and architectural subjects as my primary focus of photography. Living with complex mental health experiences in my life, the use of long exposure imagery allows others a safe visual glimpse into my world straddling reality & illusion.

If you like any of the photographic creations you see here, limited edition versions of a broad range of images as either prints or framed images are available for easy purchase in the shop. The framed images can be picked up in Adelaide, South Australia & the prints can be safely shipped anywhere on the planet.

Do you have a cool idea of something or a special place that you’d like to have immortalised in the unique long exposure styling that I love to explore & capture?

Feel free to get in touch by email, or on mobile: 0413-549-088.

The Gallery