I am Alex Mausolf, an award nominated, passionate photographer & videographer from Adelaide, South Australia, specialising in the creation of documentary footage for print or digital presentation in both still & moving formats as well as creating images using long exposure techniques with high contrast black & white finishes or as I have been exploring of late, with more subdued & gentle colours.

The Latest - December 2019

In July of 2019 I commenced studies for a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Photo & Video Journalism.

Documenting old buildings, places & things has become a satisfying exploration of my videography & photography over the last couple of years. This has included several redevelopments of sites that are still in progress & shall be shared here when the site owners feel ready to do so.

The capture of social movements & community events is still a strong passion, but I can not share all of that here, as I do it voluntarily for a broad range of groups where sharing of that is not always possible.

After documenting places in a state of abandon or ruin & having the owners share the background stories to these places, there has also become a desire to explore the human interest stories of these places also. This in turn sparked off a series of human interest stories not associated with place, but rather that were diverse explorations of what it is that makes people tick.

This has now become what I have called ‘Locus Memoirs

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